How to integrate any SDK or API without spending hours reading docs

Modern software is built on top of SDK and APIs yet integrating them is a pain. This article explains how to use Dash agents to integrate external tooling.

Samyak Jain
Samyak Jain -
How to integrate any SDK or API without spending hours reading docs

As software engineers, a large part of our job has become to integrate APIs and SDKs.

Whether we are implementing a Stripe payment gateway or analytics with MixPanel, we spend hours reading their docs, and copy pasting code snippets hoping it magically works.

This is why we built CommandDash, a marketplace of IDE agents trained on documentation of top APIs and SDKs.

Integrating with Dash Agents

CommandDash marketplace listing for Firebase Genkit agent

To integrate any package, first install its respective agent from the marketplace.

For example, to add Langchain to our app, we will install its Dash Agent:

Gif showing the installation of a Dash agent from the CommandDash marketplace

Dash agents are always up to date with the latest documentation, code samples, and Github issues of the package.

Hence you can save your time looking for the right resource, and directly ask it to generate code for your use case.

  • “How do I setup Langchain in my codebase”
  • “Generate me an OpenAI method to use GPT4 to summarize user’s text”
  • “Fix this error upon running my code”
Gif showing the usage of a Langchain agent in CommandDash

Attach code from your workspace

Since CommandDash works from your IDE, you can attach code snippets to it and generate code contextualized to your workspace. 🙌🏼

Image showing the Attach Snippet to Dash feature in CommandDash

What if there is not an agent available for your package?

You can create your own agents and publish it on the marketplace for others to also use. For more details, checkout the Dash Agents framework.

Start shipping today without spending hours reading documentation! 🎯